08 February, 2011

Back from short CNY holidays.

Heyyy... =)
[Warning:This is a heavy-picture post]

CNY holidays end super fast.. I'm still in the holiday mood. 
Back to Aimst today, but still don't feel like going for classes, what's onto me?? >.<
Exams are approaching, I'll fail again, no doubt. Lost confidence in myself.. =(

I'm being emo lately. With no smiles, no hopes for future. I don't mind if I'm dead tomorrow, but at least give me the chance to say goodbye. I'm problematic, right? 

But I'll figure it out myself. =)

My Chinese new year 2011 was quite normal. 


Reunion dinner was at Penang every year. It has became a tradition for us to have steamboat with my aunt at her house in Paya Terubong. After the steamboat we always visit Kek Lok Si temple. 
The lights are on every year during new year's time and visitors roam in to take pretty pictures. 

And I could have hit myself for not charging my camera batteries before that. It blacked out - low battery. No pretty pictures in Kek Lok Si this year. Stupid Ningxi.

My aunt's place at Paya Terubong, 垄尾..

Steamboat dinner!!!

New Tomyam flavour soup this year.


Youngest standard 4 sis.

My standard 6 sister. =)

I love this Tongshui.. Yum!!

Night view of Kek Lok Si. 

I find these CUTE!!!


I went to Sungai Petani on the first day of the New year, to meet my father's side of relatives. Our family tree is huge with so many 'cucu cicit'. Hehe.

CNY Cookies!!!

Poor baby, too tired..

Beautiful children



Mummy Daddy

1/4 of my paternal family tree..

My beloved aunt. Took care of me when I was a baby. 



Kelantan on the second day. My mom's from Kelantan so we went back every new year. Its a VERY long drive there though. My dad drives all the way, pity him... Took us 6 hours to reach Kota Bharu.

I almost died on the car. I don't like to be on a long journey. Motion sickness tortured me so much that I can't eat much after that.

But we reached safely. That's whats matter most. 

My 'kao jump'.. I love it

 For those who didn't know what is it, its kind of Thailand food which have ulam green coloured rice, you have to mix it with different kinds of vege, pieces of fish, laksa flower, onions, shredded coconut, and this very important ingredient - 'budu' sauce. 'Budu' is made from fish, really salty taste, but is a must in 'kaojump'.

Happy CNY cake.=))

Big family. 

Cousin sisters.

Cousin brothers.

2nd generation.

3rd generation kids. 

Pretty Cousin

Pretty cousinss.

Dragon temple in Kota Bharu. 

Wishing tree. ♥ 

We had dinner in a Malay floating restaurant. Really expensive prices, but serves food that doesn't taste good. =((

Do you believe this cost RM55?? >.<

We spent the night at my aunt's house in Tanah Merah. Journey back the next day was equally torturing. I want to take a flight next time. *Dreaming*

This year's CNY mood was down down down. Goodbye CNY 2011!!!

Don't wanna say hello to Central Nervous System exams, leave me alone!!! =(((
Going to finish my assignments and print my hill-high lecture notes.



Cheen Aik Ang said...

KELANTAN...i've never been there before.is the food different?

Ningxi said...

Traditional food quite different.. But modern food is almost the same.. Haha.. Go visit!! Quite a lot of special Buddhist temple.. Buddha statues are huge!!

Steph^^ said...

Heyyy..! How come no one's ever brought me to the wishing tree?? Bring me there during my future visit k? <3

p/s: Wow. Your sisters hv grown these past 2 years.. As tall as u now!

Ningxi said...

Sis!! Hahah.. Sure sure! I'll bring you there someday!! Very big the tree... My sisters have grown, but not really a good thing, coz hard to buy clothes lo..Haih.. Shoes too, no size..=((

Steph^^ said...

Ha? Come on. their feet wudn't be so big and long so fast?