22 February, 2011

19.02.2011♥ Herbaline Facials • BBQ Plaza Penang

Finally, exams are over. pheww.

I know I have not been a good medical student. Not even a decent student. Those days I made those who care for me worried and sad. But now I shall try again, I hope to see myself graduate after 3 years. Wish me luck!! =))

Today I went to Gurney Plaza with my girls. Post-exam trip to relax, it has been a long time without shopping already. I need to shop for formal clothes as I have none for hospitals postings the next day. Its our second posting to hospitals, if you count the previous ONE DAY posting in Hospital Yan a posting. =p

Sorry girls for the time delay. Next time must wake me straight away at the time you all get up from bed, or else I'll be the tortoise again. SORRY~

Appointment with Herbaline is a MUST after exams. To repair exhausted skin tissues.

Oh my god we were so very unlucky. Student price was until 19 years old before this, and this time, the beautician told us the age limit extends to 22 years old. We were so happy at the news BUT, only available on weekdays. 
And today was SATURDAY. wth.

Nevermind. We'll book the next appointment and fix it on weekdays.

Student price is only RM48 and normal price is RM79. Big difference huh.

Fish spa after the treatment.=)

Sexy back Phewwit.

Dinner time at Bar-B-Q Plaza. New outlet in Gurney Plaza=))
This is actually the first time I try this. We ordered Family Pork Set as Swen doesn't consume beef while Chieng was OK towards it only. Next time I shall try beef! haha..

Pretty girls having dinner.

Shiny shiny. (see the 'after' picture of the hotplate below.)

Mixing the main dish - Bar-B-Q sauce with garlic, chilis and lime.

Pork lipid. To oil the hot plate.

Saliva dripping.

Dragon came in when we were dining and post for some pictures too.=)

WOW. I got hungry looking at this now..

Fire Dragon inside!! BEWARE.

How they wash this I don't know.

Burrpp. Full.

You can hear 'Sawadeekapp' all the time when you're dining. hehe..

Last pic of the day : 

Ugly mouth.

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Sydney said...

u girls look so good after treatment! it was my first facial treatment there and i looked like a roasted pig head afterwards it was so embarrassing to walk around in the malls :-(