02 June, 2009

Genting Highlands..

Hey!! Sorry for the delay... Here are the pictures we took from Genting..

We took the bus at 11pm at night..and slept through the night.. Guess what time we reach Genting???

4am in the morning!! There's nothing we can do except wait, wait and wait... Camwhoring... =.

Even Starbucks is closed...

But luckily, we have McDonalds. Bless you! McDonalds! We had our breakfast at 5am and tried to have it slowly to drag the time..

But nothing works. Before 6am, we finished. The time of emptiness again and we went out to take pictures again.

9am, the counters finally open and we waited for our turn to check in. We got our room ...

It was nearly 10. We went up to our room and planned to sleep first before going to the park. Haha..
After a short nap, Genting theme park time!!!

We bought the tickets and went to the wristband counter to get our bands tagged. Bad luck I'd say. The bloody machine wouldn't function! Genting was awesome to think of making TWO counters for this. We went to the other counter and thank God this time it works...

Cam-ing, chatting...

Bless us it was a sunny day. But the people are many too.. We thought there would be less people as it was not school hols, but there were hundreds from India I think. India has their hols earlier than us??

The roller coaster was full and has a long long line after it... But we found out why soon.. The other exciting games were closed. DUE TO CONSTRUCTION!!! Grrrr....

It was smart. To repair all those stuff before the school hols... Because many would be here then... Pity us, missed the chance... The Corkscrew, FlyingDragon and the thing we have to pay ten ringgit to ride are all closed... But there's the Mine train one. We go on twice as there were not much people.. Haha... We played until we felt bored and ate our lunch indoors...

Shopping time! We browsed through the area and spent a fortune in Body shop. Regretted now..
But luckily our dinner was free.
We went back to our room to sleep. It wasn't till 7pm only we woke up... Dinner was available at six and we're late. We dressed ourselves and sped there... I hoped the buffet would be nice... But it turned out to be like AIMST!!! The food I've tried to forget...
But I gained some consolation from the desserts, puddings and cakes.
Shopping time again!! but we just window-shopped because we were broke... Haha.. But window shopping just might satisfy our desire for shopping. =)

When we were tired, we went out to the roads and sat there. Just to make ourselves cold... We want to try to speak with all the 'SMOKE' coming out from our mouths. But it was no good. Nothing came out from our mouths except saliva..Haha..
Next morning, it was Hong's birthday today. And the day for us to leave Genting..Boohoo.. T.T

We went shopping again, and this time we've withdraw some money, just to keep us going.. haha.. The bus was due 3pm. So we walked around to pass our time... It was fun and enjoying..

But the time was too short!! Hope to come up again soon... ^^

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