07 June, 2009

2nd day in the city.

Just came back from McDonalds Cheras... Haha.. Sat there for quite some time, chatting... Long time I didn't chat with Jin already... Kinda back to old school times... =)

Phew, today was quite tired... Went to Mid Valley with Jin, Yee Terng and Guang Ching. I wasn't quite close with them so quite don't know what to say.. A bit awkward..
Watched Terminators Salvation in GSC Signature in The Garden!!! Premiere class! Bloody 20 bucks for a movie! All these is because of all that bloody long queue in Mid Valley GSC...

By the way, I didn't even knew The Garden exists before today.. Haha.. But the place is too classy for shopbrats like me.. Haha..
We shopped in Mid Valley... Saw the sandals I've wanted in Nose, and the wedges I've aimed for in Voir...
BUT TODAY MUST BE SNOWING! For I didn't buy both of them! Haha... Maybe my SHOPAHOLIC manners are not on top of me anymore..! XD

But I bought something also -lah... =P
A little Tee from Voir and a dress from Icon... Just a small souvenir for myself... XP

Oh ya, since we're all Penangites, but they're living in KL(except me), we have a light dinner in a Penang Food shop. I kinda forgot the name, but I'd be laughed by SOMEONE back in Butterworth for the fortune I paid for my hokkien mee in KL.

By comparison,
Penang Hokkien mee - RM2.50
My Hokkien mee - RM 9.80 + Service charge + Gov. tax

But the food was nice actually... And the waiter was friendly. He even offered to take a picture of four of us himself! =)
Phew! It was not a bad day for a girl. =)
But tomorrow will be greater! Times Square, I'm COMING!

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