09 May, 2009

3 more papers to go!!! =)

Hahaha.. Feeling happy... =)
We finished chemistry paper today and everyone was happy...
I don't have to LOOK chemistry in the face anymore!!! :P

These few days I made new friends... =D
Hi again to Brian, Aaron, Willy, Ee Ling..
They're the newbies in April batch 09..
and I got closer to my batchmates - Kirath, Max & Patrick..
It's funny this only happens during the last week of my foundation..
But Im glad to add some nice memories before my foundation ends..^^

To old friends, Steph, Shuwen, Pu3, Vania, Peng, Lew, Ah Khai, Arthur, Chris, John, Ah Foong, Jun, Anne, Yvonne, Sing, Kelly and all June batch People...
To my roomates, Rajesu, Anu & Praveena, my housemates, Shangkari, Vignes, Yuane, Lisa, Jothi, Mega and Kanmany, Thanks for everything... And sorry for any mistakes I did...
I didn't forget and I won't forget the moments we have together..
I still remember the time where I was one of the SIX... Love that time..
To those who had misunderstandings and are having problems, let's FORGET and FORGIVE..
Let our memories remain sweet and happy.. =)

I have Maths on Monday, English on Wednesday and Physics on Friday...
Wish everyone a good luck and happy holidays!!
I'll miss you all!!^^

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