16 January, 2012

21st Birthday!!

21st birthday I had many many simple but sweet celebrations. With family, with baby boy and with my beloved girlfriends!!!
I'm gonna blog some photos this time. There are some photos taken by iPhone so the quality will be a bit bad. =p

Went out for a movie :Laughing Gor on birthday eve <3

And came back to this! So touched!!

And this <3 

 On birthday night we had so much food. Durian Satay and BBQ!!

2nd celebration in baby boy's place=)

3rd celebration with girlfriends!!!

Pressies!!! I love them so much <3 Thanks so much to you people.

Not forgetting those wishing me on Facebook, line and whatsapp! Thanks so much <3

Happy Birthday to myself.
Finally 21. Growing up and growing older. I hope everyone around me are happy and filled with laughter.
And I wish I can fulfill my resolutions. Happy to be me. Cheers everyone!  I love you all! =D

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